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Volume 3, Number 1
ISSN 2166-9732

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    Deep Learning is Hot: Max-Pooling Plagiarism? banner             1 - 2
    by Juan L. Castro-Garcia
    Abstract: Deep learning is a term that describes learning by an artificial neural network that consists of a cascade of nonlinear processing layers. Deep learning networks have recently attracted great interest from industries, such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, and Baidu. I report a key architecture mechanism of deep learning network Cresceptron --- well-known now as max-pooling --- and ask the reader whether HMAX plagiarized Cresceptron. In this report I do not claim that this is a plagiarism.
    Index terms: Machine learning, deep learning, Cresceptron, HMAX, plagiarism

    How the U.S. and Chinese Legal Systems Can Be Corrupted banner             3 - 4
    by Stephen Tao Jiang
    Abstract: One thing is true about the rules of attorney professional conduct. First, the rules provide a significant part of the glue that holds American lawyer or Chinese lawyers together as a profession. Lawyers in a different country may have entirely different practice, but they are all subject to the same rules—ethical and independent Justice.
    Index terms: Grievance, judicial system, checks and balances, corruption

    The Open Letter to Chairman Xi: Your First Challenge is the Constitution (1) banner             5 - 6
    by Juyang Weng
    Abstract: In the last thirty years the Chinese economical reform obtained well-recognized achievements. The root reason is not so called Chinese model or Chinese characteristics. Instead, it is a step toward checks and balances of power. From ruling by a single person to ruling through discussion in the Politburo Standing Committee (PSC). From a single person who dictates his successor to a term limit and that the (unpublished) single person who dictates his successor's successor. The lack of science in the Chinese Constitution and the weakness in its enforcement are the fundamental reason for China to still be at a level of developing country and for the intensification of various social problems. Employing the secret reason why the brain does not have a central controller but displays creative intelligence, I humbly discuss the developmental science of nations with the respected Chairman Xi Jingping. To keep each article to be short, this is the first of the two installments.
    Index terms: Science of brain and mind, brain group, constitution, law, Chinese people's interest

    The 5th Open Letter to the U.S. President Obama: Bombing ISIS is a Strategic Mistake banner             7 - 8
    by Juyang Weng
    Abstract: Although the Obama administration has made a series of peace efforts in recent international affairs, it seems to have lost its principled way in foreign policy. It launched air strikes on the ISIS organization in Iraq and Syria. The ISIS organization is not a state, only a fraction within Iraq and Syria. In principle, Obama's military action is like a would-be bombing of the territory of the Communist Party of China (CPC) during April 1949 to halt the Communist advance which eventually took over China by late 1949. It is also like, in principle, a would-be bombing of the territory of North Vietnamese offensive in 1975. My comparison of these three events is meant to explain why Obama made a strategic mistake under the pressure of his peers.
    Index terms: Brain science, brain groups, constitution, law, ISIS, Chinese Civil War, Vietnam War

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