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Information for Authors

The BMM publishes contributions related to brain, mind, life, intelligence, law, policy, society, politics, and beyond. The subject scope includes all subjects that a brain can learn to deal with. Public oriented analysis about the science behind natural phenomena is especially welcome.

The BMM explores ways to alleviate limitations of a peer review system. The editors of BMM do not reject a contribution based on typical criteria in a peer review system, such as whether the position expressed is supported by sufficient evidence, whether the direction of the article is acceptable by the majority of a community, or whether the view is what public is comfortable to hear. New knowledge always starts from a single person.

The BMM is not responsible for verifying the authenticity of an article. The authors are fully responsible for the views expressed in the article. The BMM does not claim to subscribe to any of the published views.

All the articles are citable. Authors are allowed to use their real names or aliases (pen names). For general readership, every article has no mathematical expressions except probably a few tokens.

Each submission includes a title, name or alias, affiliation (optional), abstract (up to 1000 characters including spaces), body (including references, up to 2000 words, but excluding the short bios), and figures (optional, up to two). Submit PDF file for viewing, all your source file (doc, docx, rtf, txt for plain text file) for the reviewer to enter edits, and source files of figures (up to two) for the managing editor to check for the potential quality of the BMM formatted pages.

The author of each submission is required to pay the cost of editorial review at the time of submission:

  • Less than 500 words: US$50.
  • From 501 words to 999 words: US$80.
  • Between 1000 words and 2000 words: The part below $1000 is charged US$80. The part above 1000 words is charged as US$10 per 100 words, rounded up to 10 dollars.
  • For Chinese submissions, two Chinese words are counted as one English word.

The BMI only publishes articles whose length is not more than 2000 words. Submission of a long work (e.g., a book suitable for public) is possible but must be in the form of a series of episodes, where each episode ranges from 1000 words to 2000 words.

By submitting a work to BMM for review, all the authors agree:

  1. The work is not concurrently being considered by another publisher and will not during the BMM review period.
  2. If the submission is accepted, the copyright of the work is automatically transferred to BMM for quick publication.
  3. You do not make any personal copy of the full paper (other than the title and the abstract) publicly available elsewhere during BMM review and after BMM acceptance so that the BMM site can collect accurate reading statistics for your potential loyalty.

Only the title, author name, and the abstract of a BMM published article can duplicated at another web site (or publication media), but such a site should provide clearly visible link to the corresponding article at the BMM site.

The readers of BMM vote whether an article is worth reading. A dynamic popularity parameter n is automatically maintained by the BMM system. All articles before reaching n are free to read, but each reader must agree to vote “worth reading” or “not worth reading”. It becomes a popular article when it researches n. Popular articles are charged US$1.33 each, where $0.33 is the credit card charge per transaction and $1 is the article income. The 50% of the income from each popular article goes to the author as loyalty. The remaining 50% of the income goes to the BMM as reinvestment. The BMM reserves the rights for interpretation and change of its policies.

To submit your work, do the following 3 steps.

  1. Submit: Go to the BMI submission site to submit your work (into the “BMM Submission” track). Use the BMM formats.
  2. Pay: Select the size of your submission from the pull-down manual below and click "Buy Now” and complete your payment for the reviewer fee. You will receive an invoice from PayPal.
  3. Form: Download the BMM submission form, filled it, and send it to BMM editor-in-chief (E-mail Subject: BMM submission from Last Name, First Name) attached with the invoice e-mail from PayPal and your filled submission form.

The BMM editor-in-chief will check the above steps and get back to you. BMM will try to conduct a speedy review.

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Last updated: November 5, 2012