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About the Magazine

The Brain-Mind Magazine (BMM) publishes public oriented articles on inner working of single brains and ways multiple brains work together. The term “brain” here includes natural and artificial ones. The types of articles include, but not limited to, news, reports, series, comments, debates, topic reviews, book reviews, tutorials, history, and editorials.

The BMM is a different kind of magazine. It strives to look at human life through scientific eyes. We hope that its scientific vision develops, adapts, and improves while we cultivate this magazine, together with its readers and authors. The readership of BMM is general public. The scope of BMM spans all subjects of science, as the BMM banner indicates, and beyond. Any subject that a human brain can deal with falls within the scope of BMM, but BMM emphasizes science underlying phenomena.

The BMM is a platform that promotes academic freedom and freedom of speech protected by the applicable laws. With such a legal protection, the magazine serves as a communication platform for knowledge and views.

To meet the demand from readers in modern-day life, every BMM article is not longer than 2000 words (about 2 letter-size pages) long.

For the public readership, every article has no mathematical expressions except probably a few tockens.

A casual reader does not need to subscribe. Simply browse, click, and enjoy. To read the body of an article, the reader agrees to provide response in terms of whether the article is worth my reading. Such information is useful for future readers. To receive e-mail notifications of new BMM issues on a regular basis, sign up at the BMI mailing list.

Before an article reaches the status of BMM popular paper, the article is free to read. The statistics of such responses determine whether the paper has become a BMM popular article.

If a reader wants to read a BMM popular article, he can pay online for a single-reader lisence, at $1.33 per article.

Every BMM article has granted the copyright to BMI and is protected by the applicable copyright laws including the international copyright agreements. The other web sites are allowed only to, and encouraged to, copy the title and the abstract but not the body, on the condition that URL to the article on this BMM site is conveniently provided on the copied web site.

Last updated: June 16, 2012